We work with a range of technology partners to share knowledge and expertise in machine learning and acceleration.

We partner with all three companies whose FPGAs power accelerator cards for data centers, namely AMD, Altera and Achronix. This enables us to stay at the forefront of development in digital design and specifically hardware-accelerated machine learning. We also partner with leading companies in specific applications and with cloud companies.

We’re an Intel Titanium Partner. We work within Intel to deliver ML inference solutions for the Intel range of data center acceleration cards, based on Agilex, Stratix 10 and Arria 10 FPGAs. Our MAU™ Accelerator runs on accelerator cards powered by Intel FPGAs, such as Intel’s PAC D5005 and BittWare’s 520NX and IA-840f.

We’re an AMD Alliance Partner and target a range of AMD boards. Our MAU™ Accelerator runs on the AMD Alveo U250 accelerator card. Currently available on a range of public clouds, Alveo is AMD’s range of adaptable accelerator cards for Data Center Workloads. We also deploy on the AMD UltraScale+ cards in the Amazon AWS F1 cloud.

BittWare, a Molex company, designs and manufactures enterprise-class FPGA hardware, addressing enterprise-class qualification and lifecycle requirements for customers deploying solutions in volume. We have contracted BittWare to manufacture our SEAL™ accelerator module and can run WaveNet on BittWare’s 520NX Card.

We’re an Achronix partner and work with them to optimize machine learning inference on Achronix FPGA technologies. We recently used our MAU Accelerator on the Speedster 7t to achieve over 1,000 channels of low-latency ASR on a single device.

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