Your models running with the lowest latency and highest efficiency

We perform bespoke acceleration of clients’ inference models on FPGAs and other programmable platforms to provide them with a latency advantage over their competitors or a cost benefit compared with alternative solutions. These solutions may remain programmable to benefit from the latest developments in ML or be converted to ASIC for greater performance and lower unit cost. For a confidential discussion to determine if this could benefit you, please contact us here.

Examples of our work

Our work has benefited clients in a wide range of markets, including finance, aerospace & defense, speech, social media and automotive.

    Examples of the benefits derived include:
  • Faster, more intelligent decision-making in finance
  • More natural-sounding speech through latency reductions of up to 20%
  • CapEx & OpEx savings of up to 90%
  • Superior image classification using poor quality images

How we do it

We optimize ML inference for efficient hyperscale deployment of a wide range of workloads using our patented MAU Accelerator™ technologies and proven design techniques such as:

  • Heterogeneous compute employing algorithm, hardware & software co-design
  • Quantization to suit the targeted hardware platform
  • Exploitation of sparsity in the model

    Combined, these can:
  • Reduce latency by more than 20x
  • Reduce the number of compute and memory operations by up to 95%
  • Reduce memory storage and bandwidth requirements by more than 10x
  • Reduce memory access energy consumption by more than 100x while having little to no impact on the accuracy of the final model.

These techniques and the resulting compelling benefits are described in this white paper

For more information regarding some of the solutions we have developed with clients, please see the following:
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